Ah! I'm quite excited about this image. This is officially my second finished digital painting. The first, being Quetzalcoatl and the second now being his "evil" brother Tezcatlipoca. Cool! It's like it was meant to be! Here's the low down on Tez. First of all, he isn't all that evil. He just has a bad rep for being the god of smoke and mirrors, and trying to deceive humans into doing something nasty. The reason why he tempts and tricks humans, is to test their will and their heart (sorry, that's quite cliche). In Aztec mythology there is a ton of dualism, and so Tez and Quetz are twin brothers who work together, but are quite opposite in personality and philosophy.

Technical goodies about this piece. It was done mostly in Photoshop with a bunch of textures and rendering, but the cool stuff was done in Painter X such as the smoke billowing from his body, the background, and the smoke from his face/skull.