Another turntable!!!

Here's a quick texture test I did with an alien head. I was playing around with rock, or leathered and layered skin - and it came out quite successfully. I hope to ( depending on time) normal map this model and render it in 3DS Max. NEAT!



Big project for class, create an interior 3D model. Our awesome professor is allowing us to create our own blueprints and concepts to bring a room to life. Here are some planning sketches for this recon/relay station on an icy and desolate planet!!! Lots of pipes, vents, computer terminals and futuristic gadgetry will be in the scene. Sounds like fun to me!


From Da Fuu-tchaaaa!!!

So here is a render test of a a prop for a interior 3d model I'm putting together for a school project. It's a power supply box, with a light up hovering display. Work in progress, lots more gizmos to add and different materials to assign to different parts of the generator. Been working in 3DS Max for a week now, and it's a tight little program. Thanks for checking in!



Here are some leaves! COOL. There are many other shape types to leaves, but this is a handful of some of the ones I like.


The long and arduous journey of 3D modeling!

Here's a render of a prehistoric sea creature I have been working on. Sculpted in Zbrush, UV mapped in Blender, rigged and rendered in Maya using Mental Ray. Currently putting this character into animation.