Orbiter Turntable...for REAL

Orbiter Turntable from Michael Janzen on Vimeo.

Here is a turntable of the orbiter. There's still a couple small technical tweaks like stretched textures and moving some polygons around, but other than that I'm satisfied with the progress :)

Feel free to check out the video in HD on Vimeo!
Critiques are always welcome.

Orbiter is blasting off AGAIN!!!

Finished!! It actually didn't take 2 months to put this together, but I worked on it here and there for 2 months. Lots of new skills were learned....and I hopefully not forgotten...

The actual model is used for my thesis as a "real" spaceship! But I also used it for my product class and designed them as "model" ships with little stands! Turntable will be up soon!


Thesis phase TWO!!!

So there wasn't really a phase one? But this shows the first stages of page layout, and then the more finalized version of page 01/02. Quite a dramatic change in my opinion! Lots of tweaking to do, changes to images and text....but this is what the entire journal should look like near the end.



Here's a rough illustration of the shuttle launching from Kennedy Station. Needs more work, but I'm starting to enjoy the composition. Some finalized blueprints as well!! I wouldn't mind scuffing it up more and adding markings and "extra" lines here and there. Builds character.


Ship at Six!

Finished my first pass on textures and maps on the orbiter. Looking more "realistic" now with some good textures and colors. My uploading skills are awful, so this is a pretty rough video. Please check out the wonderful 4seconds in 720 dpi!!! It'll still look kinda not good...but when I finish the model I'll do a pretty turntable, I promise!!!


It's not even done YET!!

Progress of a planetary environment. I'm thinking of adding some bridges or landing platform near the foreground to make not so boorrrring, and maybe some planet silhouettes in the sky!