Smoke alarm sandwich!

So this is an explosive view of great magnitude!!! Actually I'm not a big fan of doing exploded views - AT ALL. NEVER AGAIN!!! But at least it looks cool, enjoy.


For Him and Her!

Color tests GALORE! Well, I guess galore would imply more than two...... :(
These were brought into Photoshop and blasted with some colors before actually UV mapping the creature and posing it in Maya! Hopefully will have it done by Friday!


Insecta-creature!!! (test renders)

Here's a model I did in zBrush, took about 8 hours to sculpt. Next step is to UV and Normal map it, and give the model a pose and some better lighting!!


Electro-shaman, please make me some ramen!

This is a shaman who lost his right arm and decided to attach a cool holographic projector to his shoulder! So now he can project all sorts of neat things, like a new arm or a machine gun - or if he is hungry - a frying pan!

Chinese temple

This is a model based on a series of Chinese temples and shrines I saw a couple years back when I hit China with my Dad. The building was done in 3DS Max and the lion statues were sculpted in Zbrush.

The Lungs of the Earth

Editorial piece for Scientific class, the theme was photosynthesis!