Carrier has arrived.

Carrier on a string! This is one of the concepts for an orbital carrier which houses the actual orbiter, or deep space faring vehicle. The hollowed out center of the ship fits into the fuel tank which is released when the carrier is above the Earths atmosphere. The carrier uses a thermal protective system (black stuff) to protect it from burning up on re-entry. Below is the concept, 3D model used for paint over and the finished (above).


Thesis proposal opening page

It'll take forever to explain... but I guarantee to provide coolness this year. All the way.

Augmented Reality!

Here are concepts for different augmented reality products. I chose one of them and made a full rendering. Probably the screen wouldn't be lightning powered with a pink screen, but I gotta put some jazz into transparent glass. Bam!

If you don't know what augmented reality is, then what are you waiting for?! Get on youtube, type it in and feast your eyes on the future of advertising, education, and entertainment.


Ancient artifact

Been working on this for a couple days. Created as an idea for one of my thesis project pieces, or a warm up for what I want to explore this year.


Canyons of the Spirit

Above is the final version of this painting. For the entire time, I worked with the painting flipped in the opposite direction (below) but I felt like there is more energy and movement with the above image. I was thinking of swapping out the "energy beams" for something less abstract like a creature or some travelers. Either way, I feel it tells an interesting and small story. Please critique, would love any feedback. The process is shown below, and it's best read from the bottom up! Thanks for stopping by!

I felt the composition was pretty good, so I began detailing some of the rocks and adding texture to the light emitted from the geyser pools. I was hoping the texture would make the area feel like there was something in the air.

Refining the composition, and adding a "ceiling" so that light would reflect up top and it would break the blackness in the sky.

Began the painting with some basic shapes and an idea. I wanted to paint a cavern but have the focal point filled with light at the end of the cave. Usually its the other way around, so having these pools or geysers of light allowed me to pull off the effect.