Yay, something else to look at!

Okay, so here's a "comic" book cover I finished up for a story called...The Shepherds..dun dun dun!!! It involves a young girl and her dog who are obligated to be their families shepherds, and watch over - whatever things they watch over in space...dun dun dun!!!

Here's some cool facts/factoids! Shepherds are usually the last siblings of the family, because the elder siblings either received inheritance, got married or are just waaay cooler then the youngest runt in the lot. Because of this, the last born becomes the families shepherd and wanders alone, watching over the herd. When alone and with nature at all times, a shepherd becomes pure and untainted by society which is why shepherds have such an iconic background within many religions. There's an awesome Dutch painting (I wish I had a link, I'll get one) depicting a shepherd who is barefoot and in the tall grass and dirt, yet her feet are clean. An excellent visual of this magnificent character.

So - these shepherds (the girl in space and her dog with an engine attached to his back) are set up in space...and they don't herd sheep....dun dun dun!!! And why does her dog need an engine anyways?! We will just have to wait and see....

Thanks for stopping by!