20 Minute full skeleton

5 Minute skeletal gesture

Here are some skeletal studies which I used for my previous anatomy portfolio in October. Knowing about the skeleton is great for studying how the body moves and what's behind all the fat and muscle on our bodies. I also love animal anatomy (although I'm still very new to it), so I'll post some animal gestures up sometime as well.

These were all done with conte and a pinch of pure graphite pencil (6B) to tighten up some of the lines.


He doesn't even need shoes!

Here's a quick and simple example of a well inked drawing converted into a vectorized image. Sexiness! The cleaner the lines in the original drawing, the cleaner the digital copy will be. And my lines, are damn clean. Remember, if there is any talent that I may ACTUALLY have, it's drawing a straight line. I can't really do anything else, I just fake all the rest of it incredibly well.

Just to explain the image real quick; this is Quetzalcoatl in human form. The large monstrosity a few posts down, is his bestial-god form. "Quetz" is the god of many things, one being wind. When he runs, geometric graffiti flares in his wake. At least that's what I see in my mind. So this is a simple test of what the graffiti may look like when Quetz runs, and how it integrates digitally. Oh, one more thing - I love fooling around with perspective, technically this may be categorized as 6-point perspective, which is the predecessor to the infamous fish-eye perspective. More examples of that to come!


Best. Hat. Ever.

Gah! It's huge! Not only is this guys hat WAY too awesome, but I suppose his ego is too! I want to explain something, so get ready to read. This character is an ancient god, who existed some time before many of the Aztec and Mayan gods. There are a handful of these old gods who seem to have unsurmountable power and wear insanely large and kick-ass hats.

On a side note, my posting may slow down slightly due to the hyper project I am apart of. My friend and I have officially begun storyboarding and layout for our first graphic novel. With our ambitious abilities, we want it published soon. Very soon. Not only that, but I plan to begin creating an official site for all of the projects my accomplice and I are working on. These stories that we have created are part of something truly epic, and we will unveil the universe that we have created in due time.

Thank you, for taking the time to stop by and enjoy my progress.


The Devil has Antlers

This was an image used to represent an anagram of my name and a color "Michael Kenneth Janzen Black". The anagram turned out to be "Hijack 'N' Hell-Bent Amaze 'N' Neck", and then I visualized what that awkward phrase meant. It's all painted with gouache, 100%. I used black only, and I didn't go over any mistakes with white...because I make no mistakes. Quality control at its finest...ah...I'm getting cocky, :P.