The outer darkness

This will be my last post before I finalize my thesis project. There have been a lot of new illustrations I've done in the past few weeks, and they can all be seen in the journal entries I have compiled this year.

This year has been beautiful.

I was trying to reach a new level of pressure and stress. I wanted to push my limits, to see how hard and diligent I could work, how much pressure I could handle. How far could my body go with very little sleep and sanity? What work could I crank out in only eight months?

There's a very small part of me that wants to break. I want it to fall apart so that I can find a place to rest.

But I've been resilient, and we keep running and moving. There is no rest. Even during sleep, I prepare for the next task.

Once this is done, I'll take a day off - and then tackle my next project. I still haven't reached my threshold, and I'll keep pushing until I reach it.


Orbiter Cutaway

No time. No comments. We burn.


Droids gone wild!

I was going for cute but spacey.


And now for something completely different...

This is an oldie but a goodie I suppose. Business project. Created a prototype model for an iPod holder when charging at the computer. Modeled in zBrush, rendered in 3DS Max.


Medical close up and...charts!

I've been burning through some "filler" charts, maps - to place behind images or in blank areas in the journal. I'll still be spicing these up a bit, but they are more for filling up space and I don't want to attract too much attention to them.

The top image, the medical journal, was written by my sister and then actually written - as in with pen on paper - by Jori Bolton. Both are amazing pals. Great job team!!


Thesis update

I started modeling and painting the "document droids" that float around taking pictures through the astronauts journey. Almost done texturing the little guy. I wanted him to look cute, but spacey and worn.
Here's a small painting of the launch pad at night. Below is the original thumbnail done months ago on a train to Ottawa. Still a great composition, but needed some tending to.

(make it better)
(make it impacting)
(make it move)

This is a structure on Earth, but I wanted to make it look mystical and powerful. Yeah! I'm about 75% complete my thesis? I think...and I hope I can crank out a ton of little paintings and pieces this week. Fill the journal and be done with this torturous beast I have created...


Page Layout Revision

I've been cleaning up some of the thesis pages - making them look fancy. The illustrations now have more "photo" qualities to them - with screen lines and orange tabs. Thesis....I need you to end...