Final and more accurate version

Final version of the sclerenchyma cell. Same deal and style of painting as the first one but different form.


The Final Frontier!

Here's a couple of renders of the scene I've been working on for class. It was a five week project, didn't take too long to do - but I learned a ton about 3DS Max when doing this. Enjoy!


Render test

A quick screenshot of progress on my interior project. The image is kinda small, when it's finished with textures and color I'll post some slicker images. Simply testing out different lights. COOL!



Here is a quick painting of a water lily cell, just playing around with different Photoshop techniques. What fun! The end cell will be much more refined, and probably more accurately depicted.

Creature time!

Creature feature! Took a couple hours to sculpt, another fun one to paint later.