He doesn't even need shoes!

Here's a quick and simple example of a well inked drawing converted into a vectorized image. Sexiness! The cleaner the lines in the original drawing, the cleaner the digital copy will be. And my lines, are damn clean. Remember, if there is any talent that I may ACTUALLY have, it's drawing a straight line. I can't really do anything else, I just fake all the rest of it incredibly well.

Just to explain the image real quick; this is Quetzalcoatl in human form. The large monstrosity a few posts down, is his bestial-god form. "Quetz" is the god of many things, one being wind. When he runs, geometric graffiti flares in his wake. At least that's what I see in my mind. So this is a simple test of what the graffiti may look like when Quetz runs, and how it integrates digitally. Oh, one more thing - I love fooling around with perspective, technically this may be categorized as 6-point perspective, which is the predecessor to the infamous fish-eye perspective. More examples of that to come!