I could still make it better!

But I'll finish for now, and let it rest. Unified the colors a bit by cooling down the reds in the buildings. Still needs work maybe some tightening up in the foreground...just things to consider.


Gonna make it better

Back to environments....good to be back. Piece in progress - greyscale versions to test the strength of the composition, focal point and flippability. I feel it, it's flippable. Any takers?

With the newer version, I realize now that I should start bleeding some of the colors into each other - like the reds and oranges in the building into the blue purples of the ground. In time...



Probably... he's going to space!!!


It's been an interesting process making this image, so I'll do another post that shows how I rendered the suit when it's complete!


Oldie but a Goodie

I figured out how to render stuff decently in 3DS Max, so yay! Some Photoshop clean-uppage like enhancing the glow effect on the lights.

I love lamp. I love glow.


Telos Cavern Update

No comments, just fight forever.


Within the Deep

Work in progress in the oceans of Telos. Still need to add larger "ethereal" creatures and continue rendering up the rocky bits. Always trying to push the elements of color and focus on the shape and silhouette of things.

This is where our hero wants to release himself from the pressures of the universe and from life. To get into the mood of epic and beautiful terror, I listen to the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack. Here's a song!



Beginning stages of the Biosuit in zBrush. I want to get this done within a day or two, so I'll probably pose and paint over it - and then do all the maddening 3D stuff to make this model textured and workable. Later....later...


Move FASTER!!!

Will add creatures and something to the final...A quick slap-chop job to the old pink painting.
I'm revamping and unifying the planets now. The pink planet painting was the SAME planet as the jungle/creature painting. TSK TSK TSK. Will not do...there was no correlation between the two...so I decided to go back to the pink painting, take apart most of it - and turn it into a jungle-cave.

Move fast. Stay ahead of the game, and destroy everything you create.

Artwork is never garbage. It's recyclable.

Here's a ROCK!

I love rocks.


Zoe is my planet

It may not be finished, but I'm finished for now. Sometimes I get exhausted from a painting - so for now - it's done but I'm always open for feedback.

Chrysos Cutaway

Still a work in progress. I need to add more information on the planets interior, along with a couple more layers!

Thesis Title

I decided to take a more expressive approach to the thesis journal cover. I like the results, but I'm not sure if this will work with the look and feel of the rest of the book


WIP Zoe Matte Painting

Work in progress painting. Trying to blend the matte painting with more painterly bits. Massive creatures cooling down at the ol' watering hole. Two slight variations. I think I'm leaning towards the statue with the two creatures...


Landing on the waters of Telos

This is my first attempt at a matte painting. I'd like to do more of these, it was pretty fun!