Here is the final for the Quicksilver ZX!!! This is one of my last school projects... and I feel that I've done enough mechanical 3D models to understand how to model them...kinda. Now it's back to some more organic stuff, like characters and creatures and prepping for my internship at Bedlam games in the summer.


IN Progress

WORK IN PROGRESS, almost finished... want to add some decals to the bike, graphic design and labeling for the suspension system - and its looking kinda...3D modellish - so I may resolve that if I have time. As you can seeeee, the concepts was originally for some sort of hover bike, but I didn't want to do a phantom view of an engine...(see ROBOT below for why I wouldn't want to do that!!!) So I decided to add some wheels which would allow me to do a suspension system. Yes they're are no brake pads, or mud flaps - no time. Plus, who the hell needs brakes when you're a bad-ass!! These are MASSIVE files, I apologize. Save them too look at them a little better :P