I said I wouldn't post here anymore....



The outer darkness

This will be my last post before I finalize my thesis project. There have been a lot of new illustrations I've done in the past few weeks, and they can all be seen in the journal entries I have compiled this year.

This year has been beautiful.

I was trying to reach a new level of pressure and stress. I wanted to push my limits, to see how hard and diligent I could work, how much pressure I could handle. How far could my body go with very little sleep and sanity? What work could I crank out in only eight months?

There's a very small part of me that wants to break. I want it to fall apart so that I can find a place to rest.

But I've been resilient, and we keep running and moving. There is no rest. Even during sleep, I prepare for the next task.

Once this is done, I'll take a day off - and then tackle my next project. I still haven't reached my threshold, and I'll keep pushing until I reach it.


Orbiter Cutaway

No time. No comments. We burn.


Droids gone wild!

I was going for cute but spacey.


And now for something completely different...

This is an oldie but a goodie I suppose. Business project. Created a prototype model for an iPod holder when charging at the computer. Modeled in zBrush, rendered in 3DS Max.


Medical close up and...charts!

I've been burning through some "filler" charts, maps - to place behind images or in blank areas in the journal. I'll still be spicing these up a bit, but they are more for filling up space and I don't want to attract too much attention to them.

The top image, the medical journal, was written by my sister and then actually written - as in with pen on paper - by Jori Bolton. Both are amazing pals. Great job team!!


Thesis update

I started modeling and painting the "document droids" that float around taking pictures through the astronauts journey. Almost done texturing the little guy. I wanted him to look cute, but spacey and worn.
Here's a small painting of the launch pad at night. Below is the original thumbnail done months ago on a train to Ottawa. Still a great composition, but needed some tending to.

(make it better)
(make it impacting)
(make it move)

This is a structure on Earth, but I wanted to make it look mystical and powerful. Yeah! I'm about 75% complete my thesis? I think...and I hope I can crank out a ton of little paintings and pieces this week. Fill the journal and be done with this torturous beast I have created...


Page Layout Revision

I've been cleaning up some of the thesis pages - making them look fancy. The illustrations now have more "photo" qualities to them - with screen lines and orange tabs. Thesis....I need you to end...


I could still make it better!

But I'll finish for now, and let it rest. Unified the colors a bit by cooling down the reds in the buildings. Still needs work maybe some tightening up in the foreground...just things to consider.


Gonna make it better

Back to environments....good to be back. Piece in progress - greyscale versions to test the strength of the composition, focal point and flippability. I feel it, it's flippable. Any takers?

With the newer version, I realize now that I should start bleeding some of the colors into each other - like the reds and oranges in the building into the blue purples of the ground. In time...