I churn thesis like butter.

This here be a map of the galaxy, with the Sun at the center position and then habitable planets tracked light years away. These are positions for actual habitable planets, I still need to put co-ordinates, legend, and distance but YEAH! Each large hexagon equals approximately one light year.

More YEAH!

Here's a second rendition. I don't know!!!


This was going to be an attempt at a matte painting...but I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. Much work to be done, I really have no idea what's going on...


Within the city of Chrysos

I'm not sure if this is quite done yet, but it's done for now. I need to keep pushing on to other pieces - so I'll keep it here. I learned a lot with this illustration. I tried my hand at using sun beams to high light foacl points and some good ol' perspective to make the composition more dynamic.



This illustration is actually not part of my thesis! This is for our grad show, where each illustrator received a statistic to interpret. Rather than creating boring and crusty pie charts, we took the information and destroyed it with the power of imagination!

My statistic; "3/4's of the Illustration grad classes work is concept driven."

I decided to create a creature made of concepts of creatures, beginning with words and then transitioning into shapes, objects, etc.

I'm also on a chroma high.


Planet from Space

Chrysos! We're getting there...


Color scripting

This is quite a long image, but I wanted to show the different color moods for the four different planets. I'm working at finding a balance between a shot filled with visual information about the planet and a dynamic and captivating shot. There is still alot of work I want to do to refine each world, and from here on in - there is very little time to complete it all.

All of the new thumbnails were done during the Christmas break.