Delayed Life Drawing

Pose times respectively:

2o minutes
1 minute
10 minutes
1 minute
2 minutes

Some of these I chose because I like the energy of the drawing, rather than the technical prowess *cough cough* such as the drawing with no legs... nice gesture though! I wanted to put these up before the new semester begins, so I can compare what I did last semester to the improvements I will make this semester. Everyone come out to extra-life this year! It's great practice and the best learning experience for observation and drawing.

Diesel and Daphne

These are some quick sketches which are then converted into quick paintings. I found an awesome new brush that simulates an excellent oily marker effect, which yields a strict linear brush stroke. As well, playing around with some perspective stuff with the girl. I hope to post a broader range of my process, rather than two steps of sketch and finished product. I will be a tutor this year for any of the digital classes, and possibly life drawing (if I have the time). So feel free to e-mail me if you want me as a tutor, and make sure to request me through the Sheridan Career Centre.