When will the space ships END!!!!!!

So I've been working on ships and shuttle designs for the past month or so...maybe longer! But this is the design I fell in love with. The previous versions were too traditional in their design, and the yellow ship felt too aggressive. It looked more like a jet fighter.

This little guy looks more like a ship that is used for exploration and travel. Round edges and a bulkier feel. A cozy one bedroom apartment! It's taken me a couple days to redo the 3D model and texture and paint the thing...and it'll take more time to get it to where I want it.

Environments from the "break"

I have a couple things. Yesterday, I did a couple environment concepts and tried modeling them out for a better camera shot. Top image is my favorite, and very work in progress. I wanted the structure to look like some sort of factory/temple.

I started out with some basic shapes, and then...played around and painted it! I was practicing scale with massive shapes. I'd imagine these fell from the planets orbit...maybe they are large satellites or broken gateways..I'd like to explore this concept more!

This one I'm just documenting on the blog...it's garbage...and it has potential, but needs work, and maybe a new camera angle. Comments and crits as always!


Planets For Everyone!!!

Here are some planets I've created all in 3DS Max, and then slapped them into space to see what it looks like. I'd like to make a couple everyday, until I get a good feeling for some of the planets I want to use in my thesis. Comments and critiques are always welcome :D


A terraformed Mars

Obviously, we would turn the whole planet into a Martian Mega Beach!!! WHAAAAOO!!! I don't think my scientific illustration teacher liked it....


Radically environmental!

Some more thumbnails for environments. The first ones (below) were done on while traveling on a train. I feel I work better sans locomotive!


Meeting notes

Sometimes I take notes, and other times I just make little silhouettes.


Totally environmental!

Some of these are cool, some of them I created and then just went to the next frame...the end!


Orbiter, AWAY!!!

Here's a concept for the orbit shuttle that the carrier would bring up above the Earth's atmosphere. I may do a couple more ship concepts (this is slightly polished for being concepts) and then take one and 3D modelize it all the way. The black silhouette has some extra thrusters under the wings, those will blow off so in the rendering I didn't add them!