The Absolute Q

Well well, here's the final piece for the great and ominous Quetzalcoatl. Officially, this is the final stage for the title of a graphic novel a friend and I are developing. Not only that, but we would like to take the graphic novel in as a storyboard for an animated short. That's a long term and ambitious goal. For now though, it's a snazzy piece.

Wolf Woman revised!

Here's the finished piece for my journal assignment. I used a "scrapbook" wallpaper for the background found in an art store.



Here's a sketch and then the inked version as well which is now ready for digital destruction. I'm using this drawing in two ways. One, is to play around with the image in Painter and Photoshop. And two, is to finish the image using my analog skills. It will make sense when it is done. The finished product will be up soon, as with a digital version. I apologize for the mediocre scanning quality. Just you wait though! One day scanners will be awesome! Or maybe it's just me....


Gesture Gesture Gesture!

Life drawing. It's important! So here's three simple examples of some different styles of gestures I am playing around with.
One lined gesture
Strictly straight lines. Tsk tsk.
Cubic gesture!

Life drawing: Lines are fun, and so can you!

Here is some slightly finished pieces. These are around 5-10 minute poses. Yes I'm a slow drawer. But as they say, "You can't put nine woman in a room for a month and get a baby." Bwahaha!!A friend of mine, Randeep, volunteered to give the model above a happy expression.
Nice cane.

Preliminary Color and Texture!