The outer darkness

This will be my last post before I finalize my thesis project. There have been a lot of new illustrations I've done in the past few weeks, and they can all be seen in the journal entries I have compiled this year.

This year has been beautiful.

I was trying to reach a new level of pressure and stress. I wanted to push my limits, to see how hard and diligent I could work, how much pressure I could handle. How far could my body go with very little sleep and sanity? What work could I crank out in only eight months?

There's a very small part of me that wants to break. I want it to fall apart so that I can find a place to rest.

But I've been resilient, and we keep running and moving. There is no rest. Even during sleep, I prepare for the next task.

Once this is done, I'll take a day off - and then tackle my next project. I still haven't reached my threshold, and I'll keep pushing until I reach it.